Sunday, November 16, 2008

Performance Art

Hi all, I know Dickson that you have not asked for performance art yet, but after we went on our field trip I remembered something more about Andy Goldsworthy. He is an Scottish artist and deals mostly in creating art in nature. A friend of mind introduced me to a great YouTube video on Goldsworthy that I hope all of you will enjoy. His work amazes me and he is such an unassuming person. I like his comment that he oftens pushes his creations to the point of collapse. It makes me want to go live in Scotland.

YouTube - Rivers and Tides:


Diane Reilly said...

Thanks Carol...that was really nice and I really noticed the cloud formation which was behind the after fallen sculpture. It was like an additional temporary art sculpture, tho not made by Andy.

Pat Mc said...

Wow! I took a look at River and Tides (Extraits 1)too. There is a haunting image of a band of ice woven in and out of a standing stone ... enchanting and ephemeral. Thanks for finding him.