Friday, November 7, 2008

Folklore project 1.a

Hey group - I received 2 responses (thanks very much!!!) and have another request (should you decide to accept) may I be a pest and request one more thing. We just were informed in Wednesday night’s class that the presentation is to be in PowerPoint. Now I’m freakin’!! So to break up a lot of writing, would you be willing to send me an image of your work (even from Boostmetal)? I’m thinking of having the image along side the written statement/distillation each person’s process and it would be a great way to show your art to a new audience.

Thanks again for your patience and help! (Also, I dropped the last question as I now realize that this may be something I need to extrapolate from the information i received - (Yipes! I'm sorry Carol - but your response has helped a great deal!)

Guidelines - the Ritual of Getting Started:

•What is your ritual before beginning a project?
•What is the purpose of the ritual?
•Was there an informal learning process?
•The values and beliefs conveyed by way of the ritual.


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