Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ali Silverstein

Information on Ali Silverstein is remarkably scarce, but what little is there suggests that he is a British native. Artnet reports that he attended Columbia University for a time back in 2002 - whether he received his undergraduate degree from there is not mentioned - and received his MFA from London's Slade School of Fine Art a year later. The majority of Silverstein's shows have been on British soil, but he has been known to exhibit in New York and San Diego on occasion. At present, he is represented by the Bischoff/Weiss gallery.

Silverstein works predominately in watercolor and acrylic, and he uses each in a very similar method of broken color to render portraits and floral still lifes. On his website, his series are divided into the two categories of "grid" and "blind," the former of which is representational (and likely composed via a grid) and the latter of which is more abstract.

Ali Silverstein on Artnet
Ali Silverstein's Official Website


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Pat Mc said...

amazing that this is water color