Friday, October 31, 2008

new destination - london town


let's try london.


saatchi - london:

post something once a week,
also read pat mccabe's post - help her out with her project

Thursday, October 30, 2008

From Maisterravalbuena Gallery. Claire Harvey / I like the quirkiness of the image. Not sure if the line is a fracture in the picture or is a life-line. I also like the layers of light scumbling. (really hope the image posts - i'm not having much luck in this area!)

Demetrius Oliver

Demetrius Oliver is an interesting American artist. He does lots of spherical photos and sculpture related to geology, but this piece was my favorite.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yipes!! Sorry Diane, i just posted the following as a comment...

Hey group ... this is kinda weird, but could I have your help with a class project?

I'm currently taking an Anthro class and the subject is Folklore. So I thought I'd have some fun with it.

Apparently folklore can also cover rituals. So the following is an excerpt from my Final Project proposal: I got to thinking about the routine I follow before making a painting and the ritual it has become that allows me to clear my head and focus on my work. I find that I need to do the dishes, make a cup of coffee and then set up my palette in a specific order. Feeling this was a tad obsessive (aka, anal), I tried not doing one or all and found that I was getting cranky and my work was just not good. After going back to the routine/ritual, I find that I'm making some fairly good work.

My final project, as Customary Lore, is to explore if other artists have a ritual of “getting started” with regard to making a painting. These are the questions that need to be considered (should you decide to accept):
•What is your ritual?
•What is the purpose of the ritual?
•Was there an informal learning process?
•The values and beliefs conveyed by way of the ritual.
•Could the ritual be specific to pictorial artists only or could they be shared by other artists such as musicians, multi-media artists, etc.

I have the OK to take responses in writing as there just isn't enough time (2 weeks) to have interviews, etc.. If any one is interested, I can send an Authorization/Permission to use information to you at your email address. The response doesn't have to be too detailed (I've already got a response: "oh hell no! I don't have any kind of routine - i just start...!" and then they gave me a weird look) by emailing me at Thanks so much for reading this and appreciate any help with the request. PatMc
October 29, 2008 2:06 PM

Another Contemporary Spanish Artist I like

Hello Everyone in Blogville,
I really like this guy......I'm kinda sorta heading off towards this direction - so it resignates with me right now. I like his compositions, colors and using some mixed textures - very cool.
His name is Juan Antonio Barrena.........

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spain and Florida

I went through the websites and I found it very hard to find something I would really like or consider very contemporary.  Some things were very traditional, some things were exciting but highly resonated the old European art scene.  One artist that I enjoyed was Miquel Barcelo whose work is shown below.  The marks are well elaborated and somewhat reminisces painting in the way they look and feel.  They are very gestural and I guess that's what I like about it.  I also like the way he draws the bed.  The sheet feels very rough, used, and old and the frame, which is fragile, juxtaposes the feeling or adds to the bed's vulnerability.  It's very expressive and dramatic which I like. 
When I "went" to Florida I found this garbage shown below.  So to sum it up it; Florida  was predictable and lame.

Joshua Hoffine

Even Hoffine is not an artist from Spain or Miami, but I think his work is SO beautiful I just wanted to share it with you guys. He works in horror photography, and what a truly love about his work is that it's not photoshopped. He uses real props, costumes and people in makeup to give life to these "Childhood Fears." So much thought and detail goes into these photos that you just can't look away. By not using photoshop, he reaches into a genuinely creepy vein that makes your heart race...


Antony Crossfield

I found Antony Crossfield's work in the MiTO gallery in Spain. His unique style of photography is quite intriuging, as he explores the difference between the truth in photography and its ability to be manipulated; thus he plays between the lines of reality, letting our brains on auto pilot tell us what we see is real, despite the logic.

Check out the his "New Works" section...I love the tangled bodies, and the falling people.


Ten Thousand Times of Love

This is oil on canvas by Chen Wenbo. I think its quite luminous.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Kolkoz - ""Arabic portraits" (Buddha)" at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin - Artwork details at artnet

Kolkoz - ""Arabic portraits" (Buddha)" at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin - Artwork details at artnet
very sweet. the second row is my favorite. its like the frames are responsible for this morph madness.

Leon Ferrari - "Untitled" at Pan American Art Projects - Artwork details at artnet

Leon Ferrari - "Untitled" at Pan American Art Projects - Artwork details at artnet

i think this is what it would look like if ink pens had a classy dance party with wine included. wicked awesome

Juan Gris - "Tête d’homme" at Galeria Elvira Gonzalez - Artwork details at artnet

Juan Gris - "Tête d’homme" at Galeria Elvira Gonzalez - Artwork details at artnet

i cant explain why, but i like this drawing.

Pia Fries - "Stratum" at Distrito Cu4tro - Artwork details at artnet

Pia Fries - "Stratum" at Distrito Cu4tro - Artwork details at artnet

this reminds me of if someone were to eat a Dali painting without chewing very well and then proceeded to throw it up onto a canvas. sounds like a diss, but it's not. very cool.

Rivelino Diaz Bernal and Alex Brown

Neither Artnet nor the Madrid-based Artelandia gallery website mention much about Rivelino Diaz Bernal, but his photographed sculptures are very similar to what Jill Therrien was doing back when she attended CSUEB. Unfortunately, only a handful of Bernal's works are findable via Google, including those hosted by Artnet, but what little is there is certainly interesting.

Alex Brown, on the other hand, has a modicum of biographical data on Artnet and can be found online far more easily than Bernal. According to these sources, Brown was born in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1966, and received his BFA from New York's Parsons School of Design in 1991. In 2002, he exhibited at the Kevin Bruk Gallery in Miami, but his section on the gallery's website has since been taken down. "The New York Times" suggests that "the tension between abstraction and illusion in his most arresting," and, when one examines how Brown combines representational elements with pure geometric abstraction, this point tends to hold up. Admittedly, the examples hosted on Artnet tend to lose their illusory quality at close viewing, but this may be part of the tension that the "Times" mentions.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Victoria Encinas
acrylic on canvas
h: 138 x w: 138 cm / h: 54.3 x w: 54.3 in
Contemporary (ca. 1945-present)
Contact Gallery for Price
34.91.575 4804 Send Em

Friday, October 24, 2008

Gallery Work from Miami

I thought this artist definitely has some interesting things going on. Very Dali and surreal. The artist is Roberto Matta, born in Santiago, Chili. He studies with Le Courbusia in France. He was introduced to Salvador Dali and Andre Breton and later to DuChamp. This painting was done in 1938 but I think it applies to a lot of ideas we are encouraged to try now. I like the color pallette and his biomorphic shapes.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Contemporary Spanish Artists

I looked at lots and lots of art from the websites and honestly I wasn't thrilled by much. So, I visited Google, under Contemp. Spanish Artists and found some I liked.
It's fun.........probably just a phase I'm in. Check him out...what do you all think?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

looks like I have a problem getting the pictures this time. I tried it both ways...any suggestions?

Miami & Spain

this one is from the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Miami. I liked it because it looks different as though it was lines or something, but if you turn it sideways it looks like an ocean sunset.

the second one is from Spain from the Artlandia Gallery I just like the colors and the texture.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Galleries in Spain

I found a few artists I really liked from Spain on the first link you gave Dickson. The one I chose is a photographer called Naia del Castillo. The work is interpretive but I like the effect.
The gallery is distritocu4tro in Madrid, Spain.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

destination Miami and Madrid


here are links to Miami and Madrid - find us something to look at and post it on the blog. comments are always welcome.


madrid and Miami artnet

madrid - saatchi (actually it's all of spain)

- dickson

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Artists with Art Labor

wang quinsong

check out this blackboard photograph. artist wang quinsong at chinablue


China Blue Gallery

Qiu Xiaofei ... Like the texture of materials. Just a sucker for landscapes...

China Blue Gallery

Qiu Xiaofei ... Like the texture of materials. Just a sucker for landscapes...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chu Yun (Chinese Artist)

Ok so I've been searching all over the internets for a cool Chinese artist that's current and that works with current mediums or original ideas.  I found this guy named Chu Yun and he does installation work.  His works often involve the transformation of a space using technological and or contemporary ideas to produce awkward encounters when one visits one of his installations.  There's a feeling of familiarity with a small sense that something is not right.

I like the feel of it being an underwater grotto of a pale reef. Looks like found objects like doilies and plastic plants painted white (?). This is my first experience with blogging and really hope this posts!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Li Jie at New Chinese Art

Li Jie at New Chinese Art
i am a huge fan of nature and when nature is presented in a manner like this...well, it speaks for itself. its like looking at nature through hallucinogenic goggles or something. this is CRAZY!

New Chinese Art

New Chinese Art
um, super sick. kind of dont know what to say about it...somewhat speechless. this whole checking out chinese art is pretty overwhelming. so much talent hidden from the rest of the world just waiting for it to be seen. wow

lazy van gogh

Counting - Sample Gallery/Dealer Art Work - Murmur Gallery
this reminds me of a lazy van gogh. its not an insult, i really like this. just the way the strokes are kind of in chunks and the colors arent blended together completely. lazy van gogh right? anyone?

Belgian Conceptual Artis Wim Delvoye


Untitled 18 - Sample Gallery/Dealer Art Work - Murmur Gallery
i know some people may think that splattering paint on a canvas is easy and takes no talent, but it's really not. Pollock had it down to a science and apparently this artist does too. i just love how much action and impact these "splats" create. aiming it at the right spot is a huge talent too. call me simple but, this is great

Linda Gallery

Zhou Jinhua

Zhou Jinhua's work reminds me of traditional Chinese landscape scroll painting, albeit with a contemporary feel that has doubtless been informed by Western sources. He's a relatively young fart, too, having been born in '78 and exhibiting since '01.

Interestingly, a good number of his works involve figures on island forms in flooded or aquatic environments, as well as urban locales that echo aquatic forms (such as the "sea" of garbage in "Desire of Existence"). Whether this relates to "his concern about the public contradictions and other potential uncertainties" is unclear, but it certainly enhances the pessimistic messages that underly many of his paintings.

On Artnet:
On Soemo Fine Arts:

Also, on an unrelated note, here's some smoke art and photography.

- Mike

Hay I Posted this artist because I really like the ambiguity of his work and the narrative quality. His name is Wanxin Zhang and he does primarily ceramic sculptures.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

This is my childhood art instructor. you can also see his work at

nice tat work

This is a pretty cool canadian artist who lives in SD.

This artists Zhao Yanan has a surrealist look to their work. I like the variety we are all pulling for the blog, it lets me see what the rest of you are interested in. The gallery was simply named Line Gallery. Question for you Dickson, should be post the link to the gallery or the exact work we are showing?? Later...

Friday, October 3, 2008

"Consciousness" by Shi Hu (1998) h 27.6" x w 17.7"
Hey Everyone in Blogsville...I'm slowly catching up...
Went to some Chinese Art posting a painting I liked alot...I think it shows a technique that Dickson was trying to show me this week. Hope you can see it clearly...basically putting down a dark, maybe solid color and while still WET, brush over sorta lightly maybe a lighter or contrasting sorta a 3 d or textural feeling.
See ya soon,

Thursday, October 2, 2008

really cool website (for me at least)

check out this website

find more chinese galleries

Everyone - keep looking at china galleries. you can post more than onece. Also remeber to include the link in your post
artnet - bejing
artnet - china
Look at the galleries and find an artist for the rest of us to look at.
Post the link and look at others' links. feel free to comment.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Art of Wei Yan

  Wei Yan, Fantasticality of Flower No.2

His work is so beautiful, the organic "creations" seem to morph between something you might see growing in the woods on log or tree, or something more curious like bacteria. I thought it was watercolour at first, but its actually oil on canvas. He is from China, and is part of the Art+Shanghai gallery. His other works, which are similar, sometimes include cute little "monsters" resting upon the strange "landscapes" he creates.

-emily vanderlaan

British Artist Peter Doig

Their eyes met across a crowded room.......

Good Lord Im Online!!!



I find this Art Work

Pam Harris