Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yipes!! Sorry Diane, i just posted the following as a comment...

Hey group ... this is kinda weird, but could I have your help with a class project?

I'm currently taking an Anthro class and the subject is Folklore. So I thought I'd have some fun with it.

Apparently folklore can also cover rituals. So the following is an excerpt from my Final Project proposal: I got to thinking about the routine I follow before making a painting and the ritual it has become that allows me to clear my head and focus on my work. I find that I need to do the dishes, make a cup of coffee and then set up my palette in a specific order. Feeling this was a tad obsessive (aka, anal), I tried not doing one or all and found that I was getting cranky and my work was just not good. After going back to the routine/ritual, I find that I'm making some fairly good work.

My final project, as Customary Lore, is to explore if other artists have a ritual of “getting started” with regard to making a painting. These are the questions that need to be considered (should you decide to accept):
•What is your ritual?
•What is the purpose of the ritual?
•Was there an informal learning process?
•The values and beliefs conveyed by way of the ritual.
•Could the ritual be specific to pictorial artists only or could they be shared by other artists such as musicians, multi-media artists, etc.

I have the OK to take responses in writing as there just isn't enough time (2 weeks) to have interviews, etc.. If any one is interested, I can send an Authorization/Permission to use information to you at your email address. The response doesn't have to be too detailed (I've already got a response: "oh hell no! I don't have any kind of routine - i just start...!" and then they gave me a weird look) by emailing me at Thanks so much for reading this and appreciate any help with the request. PatMc
October 29, 2008 2:06 PM

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Boostmetal said...

Wish I could help with this, but I really don't have a pre-work ritual. I tend to take frequent walking breaks, to be sure, but they're more for maintaining motivational flow rather than lending motivation in the first place.