Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Art of Wei Yan

  Wei Yan, Fantasticality of Flower No.2

His work is so beautiful, the organic "creations" seem to morph between something you might see growing in the woods on log or tree, or something more curious like bacteria. I thought it was watercolour at first, but its actually oil on canvas. He is from China, and is part of the Art+Shanghai gallery. His other works, which are similar, sometimes include cute little "monsters" resting upon the strange "landscapes" he creates.

-emily vanderlaan


Crlyn said...

Emily, the artwork is incredible and so delicate. It really looks organic.

Kris said...

wow, that little monster is cute.

Emily Vanderlaan said...

yeah now that i think about it,Wei Yan's work reminds me of Zhang Zhihe's work too. not in style but in content. The use of cute monsters, placed into a surreal, organic landscape.